TikTok Mod APK v34.6.01 (Unlimited Followers, Likes)

TikTok Mod APK v34.6.01 Unlimited Followers, Likes, Comments, No Watermarks, No Country Restriction

Tiktok Mod APK v34.6.01 is available here to all android users free of cost. So click on the download link and enjoy the best Mod features of the app. You can also share this app with your friends and get unlimited followers, like, comments and no watermarks. It’s free to use, just download tiktok without watermark apk & get unlimited coins by sharing videos.

MOD INFOUnlimited Followers, Likes, Comments, No Watermarks
UPDATEApril 30, 2022
AVAILABLE ONGoogle Play Icon

Download TikTok Mod APK v34.6.01:


We live in a global world where you always try to connect with the whole world all the time. There are many social platforms available on the internet, where you can create your account to share your creativity and thoughts with the whole world. 

Almost all Smartphone users are familiar with the word Tiktok which is the most trending app around the globe. It is a social media platform where people create and share small-length videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes which are creative and fun-filled. 

Tiktok app is owned by a Chinese company, named Byte Dance Ltd hosts small duration videos of different genres like stunts, jokes, pranks, dance, and entertainment. 

Initially, this app was released in the Chinese market in September 2016 after the android version of this app was released in 2017 outside China. But it was released worldwide on 2nd August 2018 after merging with another Chinese social media service Musical.ly. 

This app is downloaded by more than 1 billion users on Google Play Store. Now it is being used by almost all big businesses for marketing purposes. People around the globe are getting fame with the help of this app, and they are known as Tiktok stars, having a strong influence on society.

It is the most used app in terms of average timing as all the active Tiktok users are spending on average 50 minutes daily on this platform which shows its influence and success.

Tiktok Mod APK v34.6.01 features:

Tiktok is available on Google Play Store with its official version, but here you will get the Mod APK of this app with the following distinguishing features. 

  • Unlimited followers:

Tiktok without followers is just like Smartphone without an internet connection because you have to show your creativity through your videos to other people who are your followers. Your followers make you famous on Tiktok that is why every user tries to increase the number of followers. 

With the help of this TikTok APK download, you will get unlimited followers. It will make you famous in the world that is the best feature. 

  • No countries restriction:

After downloading Tiktok Mod APK from here, you will be free from countries restriction. So you will be able to use it in any country. It is a useful feature of this APK for those people who lived in countries where Tik tok is banned. 

  • No Ads:

Ads are the prime source of income for any app. They are most annoyed so if you want to get rid of them, Tiktok Download Apk from here. After installing it, you will not experience any add. 

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  • No Watermark:

If you download the Tiktok video, then the watermark is also downloaded that indicates the name of the account that has uploaded this video. If you want to download the video without any watermark, you should download tiktok video downloader without watermark apk from here. After installing this modified version of the app, you will see a removed watermark in downloaded videos.

  • Unlimited likes:

If you explore different videos on Tiktok, you will also see the number of likes given to that specific video. People always want more likes on their videos which is a hard task to do. But after downloading the Mod APK of Tiktok from here, you will get unlimited likes on your posted videos. 

  • Unlimited comments:

Like unlimited followers and likes, you will also be able to get unlimited comments on your videos with the help of this Mod APK, so download the app from here and get infinite comments. 


  • Customized effects:

Tiktok APK allows you to add customized effects to your videos, so with the help of this, you don’t have to edit your video before posting it on Tiktok. You have so many filter effects options that will help you in creating perfect videos. 

  • Live video editing:

Tanktop also provides you the opportunity to edit live videos. It is another amazing app feature that is not available in other similar apps. 


  • Addictive:

The Tiktok app is very addictive, and people spend a major part of their day exploring videos on Tiktok, which is the waste of time. 

  • Unsuitable content:

There is much stuff available on Tiktok. It is not suitable for the majority of the audience. Due to this reason, it is blocked in different countries. 

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